Valeton Coral Cab Effect Pedal

In this post, I’ll show you how I am using a Valeton Coral Cab effect pedal in my analog guitar effects chain to simulate some well-known guitar and bass speaker cabinets with impulse responses. The pedal has both guitar speaker and bass speaker simulations built-in with impulse responses, so you are not limited to cabs for only one instrument or the other. This pedal helped me solve an issue I had when I wanted to record a quick demo, but I didn’t have physical guitar cabinets to provide the output from my amps. In addition, I now have 14 guitar and 14 bass cabinets available to me to cover both clean and high gain situations. Let’s take a look at how I implemented a Valeton Coral Cab effect pedal in my studio.

02 November 2020 – Written by Michael R. Myers #mykmyrs

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Skill Level: Intermediate

What You’ll Need to Get Started

  • A guitar or bass amplifier head (NOT a combo or practice amp)
  • A Valeton Coral Cab effect pedal
  • A power source for the Coral Cab pedal (it does not use batteries)
  • A digital audio interface, studio monitors or powered speakers
  • A few TS cables to connect the components

Coral Cab Features

Taken directly from the user manual, here are the features that the Coral Cab pedal offers and an overview of the controls available.Features_from_Manual Controls_from_Manual.

Signal Chain Overview

I use a Hotone Heart Attack mini-amp head. This amp is only 5 watts, but it can really put out a decently strong signal. As an added bonus, it has a built-in effects loop send and return. You can also plug in headphones for silent practice, or a line out to your computer or audio interface. A point to understand here is that with headphones or a line out cable, all you’re going to hear is the amp’s raw output, which is pretty harsh. Hotone_Heart_Attack_Front

Since this is a true amp head, it expects to be hooked directly into a speaker cabinet with its Speaker Output connection. But with some amplifier know-how, we can send the amp’s output through the Effects Loop Send jack with a mono TS cable directly to the Coral Cab’s input jack to simulate a real speaker cabinet’s output sound.Hotone_Heart_Attack_Rear

Now that the Coral Cab has received the raw amp output, we can select the cab we want to emulate and set its EQ knobs to our own personal taste. The large switch controls the mode for guitar cabinets, bass cabinets or bypass. The guitar cabs are green, the bass cabs are red. You can bypass the unit entirely by holding the silver switch down for a few seconds. Valeton_Coral_Cab_Pedal

Use the Cab Type button to move through the amps on the A Channel. Press the A/B switch to change to the B Channel. The A channel will light the A/B switch a solid color. The B channel will make the A/B switch to a constant flashing light while on that channel.

Here is the list of amps that are available on the pedal. As you may see, there are some popular cabinets on the unit for you to take advantage of. And before you ask, the answer is “no” to you being able to load your own impulses on the pedal.Valeton_Coral_Cab_List

Finally, hook the Coral Cab’s output jack to powered speakers, a powered studio monitor or your digital audio interface and listen to the magic. I am very impressed with the impulse responses on the pedal. Would I use it to gig? I don’t know as I have never left my home to play, so you’ll have to be the judge on whether the Coral Cab would stand up to live performances. For my ears and my home studio space, this pedal is perfect for recording demos and getting a specific sound with the provided cabinets.

FYI – You can hear how the pedal’s cabs sound on some videos on YouTube. Most of the reviews are not in English, but that doesn’t really matter much since you’re probably looking to hear the output of the pedal anyway.

If you’re looking for other guitar cabinet simulators, read my next post where I showed the Tomsline Engineering Aroma ASR-3 Shaper pedal.


We’ve covered how to use a Valeton Coral Cab effect pedal in your analog signal chain for your guitar or bass amp. For people who may not want to use digital amplifier and speaker cabinet simulators, this pedal can provide similar capabilities with analog gear. By providing guitar and bass cabinets on one unit, you can get a lot of different sounds for one purchase price. If you can pick one of these units up used, I would highly recommend you do so.

If you would like to add to this content to help other folks, please contact me and let me know what you have in mind.