Welcome to Home Recording with Mike M. This site is a collection of posts that cover the technologies that I use to record music at home. Many of the posts will be information that I collected and was able to use successfully to overcome technical issues. Others are reminders to display how to accomplish specific things with specific hardware and/or software.

This site is very new, and in full disclosure, I’ve not used WordPress in the past to run a web site. Its going to change as I find new and better ways to present information through its offerings.

I’ll try to keep the structure simple and only submit useful, problem-solving posts. Some of the posts will be longer in length due to the amount of steps required to solve their problems. The frequency of new posts will vary as well, because posts take a long time to write. Home recording is more fun than writing about the challenges and the issues one has to overcome. Trust me on that.

Which Technologies Are Here?

Depending on how things are going, you’ll find the latest tools I am using to record and create music with electric guitar. Full disclosure: I am a thrash metal kid trapped in a late 40s-aged body and my interests are high gain amps and speedy fast metal oriented.  Sometimes I’ll be more interested in analog approaches, sometimes digital and often times a combination of both.

As I increase my gear collection, the analog side of things may change more than the software tools. Currently I am using Tracktion Waveform 11 Free to create my music on the software side, but capturing my guitar is a collection of methods using real amps and also amp sims.

If there is content you’d like to see on this site, contact me and let me know what would be useful on Home Recording with Mike M.