19 May 2020

Hey there. I’m Mike M. I started this blog for a few reasons, mostly to document problems I ran into along the way and to provide myself the fixes for those problems. I figure that others have hit similar problems along the way and hopefully they can use my experiences and frustrations to get through theirs and continue recording at home.

I started recording my guitar at home about two years ago and have had to learn everything from the ground up…probably like a majority of the site’s visitors. It’s difficult not having people around me to ask questions and get opinions, so I spend a good amount of my hobby time researching how to do things, testing them and then documenting so that I don’t forget. It’s a lot to take in and remember with limited time, but I still find it enjoyable and fun.

During the day, I am a computer programmer type who works mostly in Visual Studio and with MS SQL Server. I haven’t ever wanted it tried to make plug-ins, and I don’t have any reasoning on that. When I am at home, I try to create my own music, record it and mix it. That is where this site’s content was born. Some things go well, some don’t and some seem to never have a solution – until they do.

If any of my content is useful to you, please use the Contact form and let me know. I appreciate hearing how I can help.

I hope your home recording journey goes well, and send me a link to your music if I have helped you out.