Rename A Tracktion Waveform Project

Have you ever tried to rename your saved Tracktion or Waveform project‘s name? It’s a multi-step process and not overly obvious how to complete. Follow the steps in this post to learn how to rename a Tracktion Waveform project.

19 May 2020 – Written by Michael R. Myers

Skill Level: Beginner

Contents of a Waveform Project

Before I outline the steps to rename a project, let’s take a quick look at the components of a Waveform project. Knowing these parts should help you to understand what we will change with the rename operation.

When you create a project, Waveform (or Tracktion) makes a folder with the name you specify. Within this folder, it makes several sub-folders and it creates the project file and the project’s edit file.

Steps to Rename the Project

  1. Open your project in Waveform that you want to rename.  I called my project “DumbProjectName” when I created it, but now I want to give it a more meaningful name.
  2. Click the project name in the Projects tab. Waveform Projects screen
  3.   In the properties window at the bottom of the screen, change the name of the project and press Enter.  I have just re-named it to “Song01_Source”.  Notice that the project name in the Active Projects pane automatically shows the new project name, but the Edits file name still shows with the old project name.Waveform Rename project - Step_3
  4. Click on the Edit file name in the Edits pane.  Similarly to changing the project name, provide the desired name in the Edit pane.  Your project name and edits file name will now match. Close Waveform and continue to the next step.Waveform Rename Project - Step_4
  5. Finally, let’s change the folder name that contains the project so that it has the new project’s name.  Open your file explorer and navigate the the folder that contains your project’s folder.  Rename it to be the new project’s name.  The folder, *.tracktionedit file and the *.tracktion file should all show as having the same name.Waveform Rename Project - _Step_6
  6. Congratulations! Your project folder, its project file and edits file are now renamed.


Now you can rename a Tracktion Waveform project. It probably was not overly obvious how to complete it successfully, but moving forward you can reference this post if needed. What this situation taught me personally was to make sure I name a project properly as one of the first steps I complete when creating something new.

If you would like to add to this content to help other folks, please contact me and let me know what you have in mind.